Soul of a Crow
Dove (Book Two)

Abbie Williams

It is 1868 and the country is still reeling from the brutal effects of the Civil War. Lorie Blake, a war-orphan who escaped the miserable prison of her life as a prostitute in a Missouri whorehouse, now takes wing, embarking on a breathtaking overland journey northwest. With Lorie is her newfound family – brothers Boyd and Malcolm Carter, experienced horseman Sawyer Davis, and his beloved paint mare, Whistler. For the first time in years, there seems reason to hope. Thrown together by the circumstances of fate, and now deeply bound by love, each of them are determined to begin new lives as homesteaders in Minnesota.
But, the past refuses to die quietly. Former Confederate soldiers Sawyer and Boyd are haunted by the scavenger-like specters of a War that refuses to stay buried, a conflict never truly put to rest. New friends emerge and old enemies arise, as ancient hatreds boil over in the hearts of the men who survived. In the face of incredible odds, Lorie must rely upon all of the emotional strength in her soul as she battles for the life of her true love, and towards the enduring promise of a new beginning in the north.

ISBN Trade Paperback: 978-1-77168-036-3
FICTION | Historical Romance | 384 pages
List Price: $16.95 | June 2016


"Set in the aftermath of the American Civil War, Soul of a Crow traces the harrowing journey of a couple and their loved ones trying to start a new life in the West. Abbie Williams’s novel enlivens the Restoration years, showing the toll that the war took on both men and women, and the depravity and madness that sometimes arises from the chaos of war and violence. Williams populates her historical fiction with people nearly broken by their experiences: ex-soldiers driven mad, women forced into prostitution, children growing up without parents. At the beginning of this novel, deeply wounded couple Lorie Blake and Sawyer Davis are in love, and have already been severely tested—she from being sold into prostitution, then kidnapped and nearly killed, he from the devastation and violence of war that took his loved ones and his stability. Childhood friend Boyd Carter and his young brother Malcolm travel with the couple from a Tennessee that no longer feels like home—their houses and families burned, killed, or taken by sickness. The crew heads north to uncle in order to start a new life, but their old lives, the atrocities of war, and the acts committed to save each other and themselves trail them closely. Williams spends a great deal of time setting the atmosphere and climate of the post-Civil War era, the difficulties Southerners faced at home and as they moved around the country. This makes the first hundred pages move a bit slowly as it takes time to establish the multiple levels of conflict. Though there is some steam between Sawyer and Lori, it is not the focus of the story. The plight of veterans so profoundly affects their experience as a couple that the love story is inseparable from the time in which it occurred, making the novel a good option not just for romance enthusiasts but for history buffs as well." ~ Foreword Reviews

**Independent Publishers Awards Gold Medalist 2015** (Heart of a Dove)

"Set just after the U.S. Civil War, this passionate opening volume of a projected series successfully melds historical narrative, women’s issues, and breathless romance with horsewomanship, trailside deer-gutting, and alluring smidgeons of Celtic ESP." ~ Publishers Weekly (Heart of a Dove)

By Abbie Williams

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