OMG… Is He Also a Witch?!

Talia Aikens-Nunez

Fifth-grade witch April Appleton can’t believe her eyes: a boy just made a large tree branch fall on her dad’s car in the middle of the night! When she gets to school, the mayhem continues, the heat is cranked way up, birds are flying through the hallways and there’s a boy standing in the corner quietly observing all of it.

While her friends, Grace and Eve, try to help, April realizes that she must figure out this craziness on her own. Is this boy the cause of all the trouble? Or is the new math teacher somehow involved? But with ghosts appearing and time stopping, April must take a deep breath and trust in the magical powers of herself and others to make things normal again.

The first book, OMG…AM I a Witch?! is an IBPA Benjamin Franklin Silver Award Winner.


" A sweet romp for young readers who like humor and magic." ~ Kirkus Reviews (OMG... I Did It Again?!)

"...a breezy story of magic run amok." ~ Publishers Weekly (OMG... I Did It Again?!)

“OMG ... Grace, Eve, and April are at it again, as this adorable series continues with a BOOM (when April accidentally summons a herd of elephants to her suburban street. Oops!). A sweet, fun, and magical read perfect for any young reader!” ~ Bianca Turetsky, Author of The Time-Travelling Fashionista Series (OMG... I Did It Again?!)

By Talia Aikens-Nunez

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