Lovely Seeds: A Walk Through The Garden of Our Becoming
R. H. Swaney

R. H. Swaney brings a depolarizing voice to the poetry world with this debut collection. Amongst the topics of mental health, self-love, and social progress, readers will find a soft but powerful voice that uncovers the beauty that exists inside of all of us. 

Examining life and its circle from seed to withering to regrowth, the thought-provoking nature of this collection will bring readers to a place of self-exploration, reflection, and a deeper understanding of their place in the world.



I like to think about seeds and how they end up where they
please -- to grow into wildflowers with their vibrant colors
and free spirit. I like to think about the trees in the distance
and the grass that dances in the wind like soft ocean waves. I
like to think about how we are just as much a part of it all.


Even when the clouds shield our eyes from the stars,
they still shine on.
Even when our negative thoughts hide our heart
from the loveliness that we hold,
we still emanate beauty.
Even when we can’t see the light,
it is always there waiting.


You are a red flower in the midst of yellow ones. Or a yellow
flower in the midst of red ones. Or a rogue sunflower alone
in a field. Or a dandelion dancing in someone’s backyard.
Never forget, you are uniquely and wonderfully made.

By R. H. Swaney