The Quest For Reason (Book Three)

LM DeWalt

Lily, a once solitary and lonely vampire, has finally found the love she longed for in Christian, her husband and a newly turned vampire. They’ve settled in Peru, and life is finally taking on a semblance of normalcy, albeit with bodyguards to protect them from a cadre of evil vampires bent on revenge.

With their friends, Lily & Christian are on a quest to find their newly adopted son’s long lost sister, Leilani, a child witch with uncontrollable powers. But their son becomes gravely ill and is taken from his hospital ward.

When Christian also inexplicably disappears, and long buried secrets come to light, Lily’s world is turned upside down, making her question her desire to remain a part of the undead world she’s lived in for almost a century.

ISBN ebook 978-1-77168-000-4
FICTION | Paranormal YA
Word Count: 97,300
List Price: $6.99
Published: May 23, 2014
Also available in Spanish

Praise for LM DeWalt

"Lily is an exciting vampire adventure that will make you fall in love with paranormal genre all over again. It shows the powerful bond between the maker and the newborn. The forbidden love makes you hope that they can overcome their obstacles. The family unity in the coven is overpowering. I enjoyed watching Lily grow and become more confident in herself. I completely enjoyed this story." Page Turners

“LM DeWalt has crafted a wonderfully rich tableaux in the journey of Lily which is really quite stunning. Her settings were vivid, the conversations convincing and real and the love story at the core of Lily is bewitching which will have you on your feet cheering for this wonderful soul.” Dean Mayes - author of The Hambledown Dream

“Lily brings the suspense like a thriller, but it is also a sweet story about finding true love and finally finding a family to call your own. It’s about the bonds of trust and loyalty, and moving beyond the things that hurt us deeply and embracing our future.” Kyra Dawson - The Scribe’s Desk

"LM Dewalt pulled out a couple great little horrid vampire moments. I would love to have read one of these as it happened and ‘felt’ the fear that came with it." Novels on the Run


“He is coming with your meal. You best show your appreciation by eating what we are offering,” she advised as she knelt beside me.

“And if I don’t?”

She stroked my cheek with the back of her warm hand. Before she could answer, a man walked in holding someone’s hand. The small hand belonged to someone who hid behind his legs. My stomach flipped when I realized the hand had to belong to a child. The woman’s smile broadened as she stood and walked over to the man. She reached behind him and took the child’s hand, pulling her from the safety of the man’s legs.

“This is dinner,” she announced as a wide eyed little girl stared at me, her bottom lip quivering as her eyes locked on mine. She lifted a shaky hand and pulled her dirty collar to the side, revealing small scabs.

“Are you crazy? I will not do this!”

“Either you eat from her, or she dies. You get the power to decide her fate,” the woman placed her hands on the child’s shoulders and nudged her forward. “You don’t want little Leilani to die, do you?”

Leilani! It couldn’t be, could it?

By LM DeWalt

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