D. Edward Bradley

It's a hot and steamy night at the Leeward Estate Hotel on the island paradise of St. Barbe's in the Caribbean. A hideous four-legged monster terrifies a little girl searching for fairies. A mutilated body found in the rainforest reservoir and a horrific plane crash at the airport point to a ruthless, covert Organization, which has taken over its government.

Soon after, the English family who operate the hotel and their friends find themselves in unwilling combat with this hidden threat to world stability. As the struggle moves from St. Barbe's to the United States, the United Kingdom and Continental Europe, the possibility of ultimate destruction by the international terrorist group becomes more real.

ISBN ebook: 978-1-926760-030-1
FICTION | Suspense
Word Count: 80,000
List Price: $4.99
Published: October 15, 2014


If you enjoy a good treasure hunt filled with mystery and suspense, you'll love Leeward-- a thrilling, timely story of intrigue and international terrorism set on tropical St. Barbe Island." ~ Lauran Strait

"Leeward" is an intricate thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat." ~ Nancy L. Mehl


Leeward Estate Hotel, St. Barbe’s, The West Indies

The sun had set, and it was dark, and Bobbie Calluna was as restless as any seven-year-old with nothing to do. Her parents were busy talking grown-up stuff, something mysterious about money. They didn’t even notice when she slipped away. She wandered round the big artificial pond beyond the lawn in front of the hotel. Nasty, night-flying bugs followed her, some of them biting. She stopped to scratch her leg, then sat on a garden seat beneath one of the two lights set at each end of the oval sheet of water. They were made of wrought iron like old English street lamps, but weren’t very bright, and the shadows beneath the two sea grape trees behind the seat were pitch black. For the past few days, Bobbie had been anxious to look in the pond; someone said that fairies danced on its surface once it got dark. She waited patiently. Even though it was night, it was still hot and sticky, maybe too hot for the fairies. She stretched and glanced at her watch; it was almost eight o’clock.

Bobbie stiffened. There was a sound from the deep shadows beneath the sea grape tree some fifteen feet behind her, like a faint hiss. Was it a bat? But the tree had long since borne its clusters of fruit, and the big bats that fed on them were gone. There it was again, but this time it sounded like scratching, and went on for several seconds. Then she smelt something; the odor was sickly and putrid. There was no one in sight, and Bobbie began to tremble and decided it was time to leave. She jumped to her feet. There was a muffled snort from beneath the sea grape, and that did it. She ran and ran as fast as her legs could work, down the crazy paving that circled the pond, then off to the left through the dark shrubbery toward the lawn.

Would some monstrous thing suddenly leap out in front of her? But nothing appeared from behind the black patches of vegetation. When she reached the hundred-foot expanse of grass in front of the car park, she began to lose her breath and had to slow down a little. There was a panting sound from close behind. It seemed almost on top of her. Not daring to look, she started to scream and scream and scream. She felt sure she would be thrown to the ground, but there at last was the front door, brightly lit, and open. Once inside, she turned. On the edge of the lawn, where the light from the car park was dim, a huge four-legged creature loped purposefully away and melted into the darkness down the driveway.

Instant chaos erupted.

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