I Wrote This For You: 2007 - 2017
Iain S. Thomas; Jon Ellis

I need you to understand something. Ten years ago, I started writing this for you. I wrote it for you and only you. Since then, millions of other people have read it, but none have understood it the way you understand it. I set out to find you a long time ago and today, I'm so glad I finally have. Thank you for reading these words.


"Thomas's poetry knows your every passing thought & worry & somehow knows just what medicine you need to treat your wounds. The reading experience is something akin to having a late-night coffee date with yourself: intimate but at times unnerving. By the end of your adventure, you will believe the I Wrote This For You series was written for you. For you and only you. And maybe it was." — Amanda Lovelace, Author of The Princess Saves Herself in This One

"One of the most beautiful things I have ever read. Ever." — BT, Grammy Nominated Composer and Technologist

"This is me. This is you. This is us. This is every human being, past and present, old and young, of every ethnicity, race and faith. Our every complex human emotion translated into words. Someone knows and someone understands. This is the essence of what it truly means to be human." — Ethar El-Katatney, CNN African Journalist Of The Year, award-winning journalist, blogger and author.

"The magnificent beauty of I Wrote This For You is quite simply this: the book is elegantly incomplete without you. No one else in the world can read it the way you do. No one." — Matthew E. May, Author of The Elegant Solution, In Pursuit Of Elegance, The Shibumi Strategy

"I bought the 'I Wrote This For You' book in actual, real-life paperback, and it soothes my soul. Buy it if you can." — Laura Prudom, Associate Editor for AOL/HuffPo TV

By Iain S. Thomas

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