From Ant to Eagle
Alex Lyttle

My name is Calvin Sinclair, I'm eleven years old and I have a confession...I killed my brother.

It's the summer before grade six and Calvin Sinclair is bored to tears. He’s recently moved from a big city to a small town and there's nothing to do. It’s hot, he has no friends and the only kid around is his six-year-old brother, Sammy, who can barely throw a basketball as high as the hoop. So Cal occupies his time by getting his brother to do almost anything: from collecting ants to doing Calvin’s chores. And Sammy is all too eager - as long as it means getting a "Level" and moving one step closer to his brother's Eagle status.

When Calvin meets Aleta Alvarado, a new girl who shares his love for Goosebumps books and adventure, Sammy is pushed aside. Cal feels guilty but not enough to change. At least not until a diagnosis makes things at home start falling apart and he's left wondering whether Sammy will ever complete his own journey...

From Ant To Eagle.


* Winner: Silver Birch Fiction Award - OLA Forest of Reading

* Silver Medal: Foreword INDIES

* Shortlist: Red Cedar Award

* Best Bet for 2017 - Ontario Library Association

"An honest portrayal of love, loss, and friendship in the face of a life-changing journey." — School Library Journal

"Lyttle’s debut is an uncommonly honest examination of mortality and the ways in which growing up complicates sibling relationships. ... Lyttle delicately tackles the subjects of grief and death, trusting middle-grade readers with a sophisticated story that includes notes of humor. A moving and ultimately hopeful book." — Booklist

"Debut author Alex Lyttle has crafted a powerful and heartbreaking novel about life, death and brotherly love." — Canadian Children's Book News

"Lyttle's voice for Cal is appealingly direct and articulate ... and his account of his struggle to cope will appeal to readers. Tender, direct, and honest." — Kirkus Reviews

"From Ant to Eagle is absolutely terrific. I was very moved and many elements of the story—the cancer crumble, beliefs about life and death, the nature of palliative care, the role of nurses, physicians, and the patients themselves in the oncology wheel—were not only riveting but informative.” — Paulette Bourgeois, Author

"I was prepared for From Ant to Eagle to be a 'sad' book, but to describe this book with just one emotion would be doing this extraordinary debut author a disservice. This is a book about fear, joy, frustration, acceptance, forgiveness, anger and, above all, love. This is a story of emotional truth that is sure to captivate readers of all ages." — Ashley Spires, Bestselling author and illustrator of The Most Magnificent Thing

"From Ant to Eagle is a wonderful conflation of heart, intelligence, and seriously skilful storytelling." — Andrew Norriss, Author of Friends for Life and Jessica's Ghost


My name is Calvin Sinclair, I’m eleven years old, and this is a story about my brother.

I wanted to start at the beginning—the day Sammy was born—but I can’t remember the day he was born and anyway, I can’t start there.

There’s only one place I can.

Last summer.

Before the Ontario heat began to smolder, before the corn was much higher than my shoulders, before I’d ever met a girl named Aleta Alvarado.

Before everything fell apart.

But let me get two things straight before I begin:

First—I loved my brother. I loved him more than I knew and more than I knew how to show. Sure, I picked on him, manipulated him, excluded him, neglected him, but deep down, I loved him. It’s hard to explain so I’ll just leave it at that.

Second—and this is the hardest part to write, but it needs to be said.

I’m the one who killed Sammy.