The Quest For Reason (Book Two)

LM DeWalt

After nearly a century of wandering the globe alone, Lily finally has everything she never knew she wanted, family, friends, and most of all, their love. As Lily attempts to start her new life, in the lively streets of Lima, Peru, she feels she is constantly being followed. With Ian, her first love and maker, now gone, who is left to destroy the happiness she has finally found? Someone still longs for Lily’s destruction. Vengeance or jealousy threaten to destroy her, and Lily must summon all the strength she can find to protect everything she cherishes against vampires, hunters, and witches.

ISBN Trade Paper: 978-1-926760-72-8
FICTION | Paranormal YA
216 pages
List Price: $17.95
Published: March 15, 2012
Also available in Spanish

Praise For LM DeWalt

"...a good continuation from book one, fast moving and mixed with new knowledge against the backdrop of Peru. We get to see there are consequences for her actions in book one and others want revenge, the lengths to which some will go to get what they want and the lies and betrayals that are being flung around are unbelievable – but oh so good - as the twists and turns keep on coming." Book Passion for Life

"I have completely fallen for these characters and story. Who doesn’t love a great vampire story, right? I did find it difficult to write about the story because I SO did not want to giveaway any spoilers to this insanely great plot! The story increases in excitement with the added witches and shifters. The human like qualities to the vampires’ personalities, priceless. This series is definitely worth the time for all vampire lovers." Page Turners


The sweet scent of roses filled my lungs. Sunlight blinded me and the moisture from the grass seeped between my toes as I walked. I wasn’t alone in the colorful garden surrounding me, I felt it, yet I saw no one. I turned my head, admiring the vivid colors splayed around me. White concrete benches surrounded a pond filled with lily pads. The benches were encircled by ivy-lined arches that blocked the tranquil scene until I walked into it. A rustling of clothing reached my ears and I turned to look.

“Ian.” He leaned against one of the archways, looking at me with a smile on his perfect face. “What are you doing here?”

“Waiting for you.” His hand reached for mine. “What took you so long?”

I looked around for any other sign of life. Besides the birds darting in and out of nearby trees, I saw none. His eyes called to me. His heart beat faster as he awaited my next move. I felt my heart speed up in response. I pressed my hand on my chest and felt the steady beating beneath the warmth of my skin.

“Am I dead too?”

His eyebrows raised in confusion. “Why would you say that?”

“My heart…your heart… they shouldn’t be beating…I killed you…” My mind flooded with questions my lips could not form.

“What are you talking about?” He closed the distance between us and the warmth of his hand wrapped mine.

I stared at our entwined fingers and my fingers tightened around his, a sense of peace and safety filled the empty spot in my heart. It wasn’t until then that I realized there had been an empty spot.

“Our hearts…they shouldn’t be…beating.” My eyes reached his and I was more confused to see green eyes instead of the usual violet. “What happened to your eyes?”

“What are you talking about? Nothing’s wrong with my eyes. Nothing’s wrong with our hearts. In fact, everything is perfect.” He smiled at me. I tried to form a smile but my face felt frozen. My heart beat furiously. A splash in the pond made my head jerk as I tried to catch a glimpse of the cause. A ripple in the water was all that was left. Whatever it was had been too quick for me to catch and I worried that my instincts were slipping. My vampiric senses seemed slower, less intense, somehow.

“Where are we?” I asked, focusing on him once again.

“In the garden, my love.” His eyes swept our surroundings.

“Whose garden?” Nothing looked familiar. Not even Ian. I knew it was him. I knew his face, his voice, the feel of his skin, except, it was…the wrong temperature, too warm. His eyes were the wrong color. His heart was wrong…all wrong. I killed him.

By LM DeWalt

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