Thank you for your interest in I Wrote This For You. If you are here, you are likely unable to order the book directly to your home. We sincerely apologize for this and are working with various distributors to get the book available in as many places as possible.

We can process your order if you send us an email indicating which format you would like. The costs and formats are as follows:

  • Paper: $24.95 USD plus shipping & handling
  • Ebook (mobi, epub or pdf): $4.99 USD

In your email please include which format you need, and your full name, address and phone number. We will not in any way share this information with anyone except the printing and shipping company.

If you want the paperback, we will email you with an estimate of the shipping costs and you can decide if you'd still like to proceed.

If you would like to go ahead, you will need to send a payment via PayPal before we can process your order. Details will be given in further correspondence.

Many thanks for your support and we look forward to hearing from you.

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UPDATE: The book is also available at the UK company The Book Depository and has worldwide free shipping. Please check them out and see if you can qualify for the free shipping!