Talia Aikens-Nunez wanted to be a meteorologist, a politician and a lawyer. It was raising her bilingual children that inspired Talia to write multicultural children’s books. Her family loves nature so much that she and her husband vowed that they will always try to live close to water, so now they live on a river in Connecticut.
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OMG… Am I a Witch?!

Sara Bond
Sara Bond is a poet who describes herself as such: “In epilogue, I will not remember any of this. I write it all down. I never miss a beat. As I must always be entertained, I promise to return the favor..."
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D. Edward Bradley's fascination with foreign places comes naturally. Conceived in Nigeria, Bradley grew up in England and had an early career as a physicist in electron microscopy. After several years of research, he gained his post-graduate degrees from the University of Edinburgh in microbiology while satisfying his wanderlust by partaking in scientific expeditions around the globe. In 1974, Bradley immigrated to Canada and continued his research at Memorial University in Newfoundland. Since retiring in 1995, he has devoted his time to writing at his home in Kingston, Ontario.

Leeward | She Came From Away

Lisette Brodey was born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia. After high school, she moved to New York City where she attended Pace University and studied drama. After 10 years in New York, several of them working in the radio industry, she moved to Los Angeles, where she held various positions at Paramount Studios in Hollywood and CBS Studio Center. Back to Philadelphia for many years, she worked as a freelance writer, specializing in PR and the entertainment industry. In 2010, she returned permanently to Los Angeles.
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Crooked Moon | Squalor, New Mexico | Molly Hacker Is Too Picky

Scott Burkhead
Scott Burkhead has written several works which have appeared in a number of small literary magazines and were finalists in the William Faulkner Literary Contest and the Biennial Greensboro Awards for Short Fiction. He has worked in anti-submarine warfare, as a short-order cook, sold alarm systems, and went hungry for two years as an actor. Scott lives in North Carolina with his wife Maggie and likes to write stories, walk on the beach, solve marketing problems and drive old cars.

Sister Serenity and the War of 2059

jerrod clark
Jerrod Clark describes his writing as a combination of O. Henry, J. D. Salinger and Mark Twain. He writes in the evenings to try to get away from the daily grind. While he enjoys trying to make people think of things other than what they normally would, he says he writes mostly to entertain himself.

Cocked and Full of Nuts

Suzi Davis is a British-born Canadian writer and artist and has been writing stories and poetry for as long as she can remember. Her current focus is on writing young adult novels whose genre allows her to explore the relationships between families, friends and young lovers. Interested in the paranormal, there is always an added element of magical fantasy to whatever tale she spins. Suzi lives on British Columbia's Vancouver Island with her husband and young sons.
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Amber Frost | Silver Dew | Sapphire Sun

Paul Dayton
Paul Dayton is an adventurer, traveler and volunteer. When he's not writing or reading the works of Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, you'll find him on a motorcycle, bike or at the top of a mountain.

We’ve Seen The Enemy

LM DeWalt
LM DeWalt is a Peruvian American who has been living in the US for 30 years. She works as a teacher of ESL, Spanish, French, and accent reduction and is also an interpreter and translator and runs creative writing groups. She is currently attending teacher's college. She has written for several Spanish language newspapers but her dream was always to write novels. Her love of vampires started when she was seven years old and saw Bella Lugosi's Dracula.
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Lily | Datura | Leilani

NM Facile
NM Facile is the youngest of a large Midwestern family. Growing up in a small town, she learned early the quirks and charms of a small town and the lure of big city life. She shares the love of a lifetime with her husband and three children. She spends her free time lost in worlds where all cats are gray in the dark and love is just around the corner. Her everyday life is filled with the excitement of child development and the minutiae of the day-to-day. She colors any monotony with books, movies, crafts, and daydreaming; and leaves no room for downtime.
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Definition of Sin | Across The Hall | Cure For Pain

Darlene Foster
Darlene Foster is an employment counsellor working with youth at risk, an ESL tutor, a wife, mother and grandmother. She loves travel, shoes, cooking, reading, sewing, chocolate, music, the beach and making new friends. Her grandson calls her "super-mega-as-woman-supreme". She was brought up on a ranch near Medicine Hat, Alberta, where she dreamt of traveling the world and meeting interesting people. She lives on the West coast of BC with her husband and their black cat, Monkey.
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Amanda in Arabia | Amanda in Spain | Amanda in England | Amanda in Alberta

Jay Gaskill
Jay B. Gaskill, a former chief Public Defender in California, has left his “life of crime” to devote more time to his writing projects.

He loves humor and philosophy equally; science and science fiction interchangeably; Manhattan and the western wilderness irresistibly.

Gabriel's Stand | Lost Souls Coffee Shop | The Stranded Ones

Donald Hall
D. E. Hall is a writer who writes from the heart, basing his stories on emotionally wrenching themes. He grew up in Ohio until entering the Air Force, which enabled him to travel the world and attain several degrees. He was a DI during the Vietnam War, and after spending 28 years raising a family in Las Vegas, he now lives, writes and works in Midland, Texas.

The Guardian

LA Jackson
LA Jackson's writing style has often been compared to a conversation with a friend over a cup of coffee. Drawing from her own experiences raising a son, blending a family, caring for elderly relatives, maintaining a successful career outside the home and clinging to a sense of humor, Jackson explores the complexities of relationships, writing about the aspects of life that make her laugh or cry. Jackson lives outside Chicago with her husband, three Dobermans and very few unexpected visitors.

Slightly Dented Halos

Dean Mayes
Dean Mayes has established himself as an author of great passion and literary style since releasing his first novel “The Hambledown Dream” in 2010. When not writing, Dean practices Intensive Care Nursing in Pediatrics. He lives in Adelaide, Australia with his partner Emily and his children Xavier and Lucy.
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The Hambledown Dream | Gifts of the Peramangk

Matt McCoy started playing ice hockey at the age of 7 and left home at 15 to pursue a professional hockey career. After playing in the juniors in Canada, he then quit to get his BA. When the desire for hockey again arose, he donned his skates and played professional hockey overseas for three years. Matt is now retired and happily married with two children, living in British Columbia.
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The Kid Who Missed The Bus

Geoff Moeller
Geoff Moeller was born in the Arctic and lived in towns across Canada's north and west. He completed high school at the Seminary of Christ the King under the guidance of the Benedictines of Westminster Abbey in Mission, BC. Geoff also credits the monks with the solid foundation he received in the Catholic Faith passed on from his parents. A Benedictine at heart, he is an oblate of Westminster Abbey. He presently works for Metro Vancouver Regional Parks. He lives in Vancouver with his wife Maria and their sons Karl, Lorenzo & Michael.

All in God’s Time, My Sons

Annie OSullivan sm
Annie O’Sullivan served in the United States Marine Corps and following a hospital stay and two years of disability she went on to log ten years of counselling. She has since earned two Masters degrees and maintains a rewarding career in land management. Her own successful family has grown to include multiple grandchildren, dogs, cats and several fish - all happy and well.
Against The Odds: Life Is Good.

Can You Hear Me Now?

John Rasor
John Rasor is a writer and blogger born and raised in California. Having spent much of his career with a Fortune 500 oil tool company, he retired and tried his hand working for a Hollywood messenger company where he got to rub shoulders with some of yesterday's and today's big stars. John has written several books: HOW LOST GOT LOST is his most recent work. He lives in Glendale AZ with his wife and close to his children and grandchildren.

Roadkill | How Lost Got Lost

Molly Ringle sm
Molly Ringle has been writing fiction for over 20 years, and her stories always include love and humor, as well as the occasional touch of tragedy and/or the paranormal. Her book THE GHOST DOWNSTAIRS, was a 2010 EPIC Award finalist for paranormal romance. Molly lives in Seattle with her husband and kids and worships fragrances and chocolate.
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Persephone's Orchard | Underworld's Daughter | What Scotland Taught Me | Relatively Honest

Anita Rodgers
Anita Rodgers started writing as a child and before she could write, she told stories to anyone who would listen. She grew up in the midwest but moved to California as a young adult and made it her home. She has a background in marketing and human resources and currently freelances as a copywriter. She is an avid blogger and gardener, a fine cook, and a closet poet. She lives in a small California town with her dog, her cat and several hundred dog-eared mysteries and can often be found donning a floppy hat and pulling weeds in her garden.

False Witness

Dan Schwartz
Dan Schwartz is an environmental engineer who enjoys a good joke and loves all sorts of humor, especially puns and wordplay. He deftly weaves humor, poetry, and his strong interest in environmental issues and animals into his writing.

Ramblings of a Love Sick Masochist | No Cure For Nature | The Many Mini Adventures of Abner the Gopher

Gautam Sen sm
Gautam Sen is a prolific and award winning writer living in a Himalayan small town. He has worked as a staff writer for the Bhutan government and wrote a speech for the Queen Mother of Bhutan. Sen has written an Indian best-seller on the philosophy of Swami Vivekananda, and is one of only two Indians who won in a series of short story contests by Hong Kong magazine ASIAWEEK. He has appeared in various Indian publications and co-authored two books of essays for Macmillan.

The Fantabulous Fens

Iain S. Thomas is a new media artist and author. As an author, his most famous work is I Wrote This For You, which he writes under the pseudonym ‘pleasefindthis’ - a blog then book that’s been on both the Amazon and iTunes bestseller lists since its launch in December 2011. As a writer for the design and new media industry, he’s won numerous local and international awards for his work. Amongst other things, he created a never-ending sentence for a monument for South Africa’s Jazz Artists and recently collaborated with musical phenomena BT on the packaging design for his last album. He wrote his first book, ‘Ignite’, at the age of 23 which won the Grand Prix at the First Paper House Art Of Design Awards and a gold individual craft award at the Loeries. He currently lives in Cape Town, South Africa.
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25 Love Poems for the NSA | I Wrote This For You | IWTFY: Just the Words | Wrote This For You and Only You | Intentional Dissonance

William Topek

William Topek is originally from the Midwest, but has lived and worked throughout the United States and overseas. His widely varied career has included serving on active duty in the U.S. Air Force, teaching in a foreign middle school, and conducting regulatory seminars and security training as an employee of the federal government. He is a graduate of the University of Kansas and received his MBA from Willamette University in Oregon. His interests include film, fiction, history and the art of storytelling.

Shadow of a Distant Morning | A Shared Confidence

Abbie Williams has been addicted to love stories ever since first sneaking her mother's copy of The Flame and the Flower. An avid lover of language, history and women's studies, when she isn't writing, teaching, or taking care of her busy family, you can find her hanging out on the dock, listening to some good bluegrass music. Abbie's Website

Heart of a Dove

Sabrina Zollo
Sabrina Zollo is a marketer and author who lives in Toronto, Canada. She has been compulsively writing stories since childhood. She graduated with an MBA from York University and has worked in brand management for almost ten years. Sabrina is a consummate lover of Pinot Grigio, dark chocolate, shoes and spin class.
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Why I Love My Gay Boyfriend