Happy Book Birthday, Five Hundred Poor!

June 1, 2018 marks the official release day for Noah Milligan's collection of short stories, Five Hundred Poor. Set in Oklahoma, these ten stories explore America's poor, the disenfranchised and the disillusioned. It is a collection that will haunt you, make you laugh and make you think. Noah is a critically acclaimed writer whose work has appeared in countless literary journal and magazines. His first novel is An Elegant Theory and we'll release his new novel, Into Captivity They Will Go, in Fall 2019. Central Avenue is incredibly proud to publish the work of such a talented writer and we know that you will love this timely and superb anthology.

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News & Reviews

  • "In Roam, C.H. Armstrong sings with a brilliant, powerful youthful voice. This lovely book has tremendous heart." — Brandon Hobson, author of Where the Dead Sit Talking
  • From Ant to Eagle wins Silver Medal in Foreword INDIES
  • From Ant to Eagle - Shortlisted for the Red Cedar Awards
  • Interview with Michelle Halket about [Dis]Connected and Social Media Poetry - Publishers Weekly May 31 & Jun 2
  • The Poetry Powerhouses at Strand Books NYC
  • From Ant to Eagle Wins the Silver Birch Fiction Award! Ontario Library Association
  • "Quirky and compelling, Five Hundred Poor offers a memorable tour through a region often too dismissively regarded as “flyover country.” — Foreword Reviews
  • In the Shadow of 10,000 Hills is well worth reading. It is an eloquent effort to find resilience and connection in the face of grievous loss." — Seattle Times
  • Five Hundred Poor is the type of book we need more of. Full of unflinchingly honest stories that are, at times, shocking brutal and surprisingly tender, this is a living, breathing portrait of the world we live in. No gimmicks. No grandstanding. Just an honest glimpse at how the other half lives and how the other half dies that should inspire us to try harder." —Jared Yates Sexton, author of The People Are Going To Rise Like The Waters Upon Your Shore: A Story of American Rage
  • In The Shadow of 10,000 Hills: “In this intensely beautiful debut, she shows that it’s indeed the women who hold up half the sky.” — Library Journal
  • Honeybee: "With gut truths and gin-clear imagery, Trista Mateer reminds us of all those places left unexplored by language. The wonders and especially the heartbreaks of love occupy much of her attention, and also best demonstrate her uncanny ability to chart new ground." — Foreword Reviews
  • From Ant to Eagle is selected as an OLA Best Bet for 2017
  • In The Shadow of 10,000 Hills: "This debut novel is a good choice for those seeking tales of hope after adversity, and it may prove popular with book clubs." — Booklist
  • In The Shadow of 10,000 Hills "Each heartrending detail is revealed with perfect timing, the expert pacing of the story escalating at every turn. It is both a suspenseful and an emotionally graceful novel..." Foreword Reviews
  • In The Shadow of 10,000 Hills named one of the best debut novels coming in 2018 - Bustle

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