Heart of a Dove
Abbie Williams

December 5th marks the release date of a very highly anticipated book, Heart of a Dove by consummate romance writer, Abbie Williams. This gripping, sweeping novel paints a haunting picture of post Civil War America and follows a young girl on her journey from loved Southern daughter to seasoned prostitute in a Missouri whorehouse. Meanwhile, four men are travelling northward trying to forget their horrific time spent as Confederate soldiers. Their lives collide at that same whorehouse and nothing will be the same for any of them.

We're truly proud of this novel, and it's getting just fantastic feedback from book reviewers, including Publishers Weekly. Lose yourself in the wonderful characters, history and the romance that Williams has created in this first book in the Dove series.

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News & Reviews

  • "With a sweet romance, good natured camaraderie, and a very real element of danger, this book is hard to put down." San Francisco Book Review - 13 January
  • "Historical fiction fans rejoice. Heart of a Dove is a beautiful historical tale that will have you holding your breath, crying and even occasionally laughing." Paperback Princesses - 7 December
  • Heart of a Dove: "…filled with memorable characters and at times lovely descriptions and language." Dear Author - 5 December
  • Heart of a Dove "…an epic love story of heartache, hard times, and true love." Stories & Swag - 5 December
  • "Heart of a Dove is definitely a great read. The setting was great. Abbie Williams had such great detail that I could actually picture the scenes happening and envision what Lorie was seeing. A Soccer Mom's Book Blog - 5 December
  • Heart of a Dove: "If you are a fan of historical fiction and have read most of the books involving Civil War, don't pass this one off as just another - it was more than I could have imagined." Kritter's Ramblings - 4 December
  • Heart of a Dove: "It’s beautifully done, even those miserable moments that were painful to follow." The Book Nympho - 25 November
  • Heart of a Dove: "Set just after the U.S. Civil War, this passionate opening volume of a projected series successfully melds historical narrative, women’s issues, and breathless romance with horsewomanship, trailside deer-gutting, and alluring smidgeons of Celtic ESP." Publishers Weekly - 14 November
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  • Amanda in Arabia: "…an excellent, easy flowing adventure." Cassandra Giovanni - 19 September
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Events & Appearances

  • Jay B. Gaskill: Books Inc. - Alameda CA - 30 January @ 7pm
  • Jay B. Gaskill: Barnes & Noble - Idaho City, ID - 21 February 2015


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