Happy Book Birthday - The First Law of Love

August 1 marks the release of our final title for Spring/Summer 2017, The First Law of Love by romance-writer-extraordinaire, Abbie Williams. It is the sixth book in the Shore Leave Cafe series, a saga of a family of women who reside by the shores of a northern Minnesota lake.

This story centres on Tish Gordon, the middle daughter who moved away to Chicago to finish her law degree. While there, she’s asked to take a summer job for her new boss in Montana. While Tish isn’t a stranger to small towns, she is by no means interested in moving back to one. She’s designed her life after her father’s, a high powered job at a big law firm in a flashy city. Spending the summer in the middle of nowhere isn’t exactly what she has in mind. What she also doesn’t have in mind is reconnecting with a man who once told her she was the love of his life, Case Spicer, a sexy cowboy who plays a mean fiddle. But once she sees him again, she can’t stop thinking about him. The summer heats up and has a lot more in store for Tish as she grapples with trying to figure out what it is she truly wants for her life.

This book is currently up on
NetGalley, but will be coming down soon, so head over there to request it, or pick it up at Amazon or your favorite indie bookstore!


News & Reviews

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  • Amanda in New Mexico: "...fans of the “Amanda Travels” books will likely enjoy themselves as they explore a piece of the Southwestern United States." — School Library Journal
  • "Wild Flower is a sweet, clever quickstep with characters that feel like longtime friends." — Foreword Reviews
  • Amanda in New Mexico: "Fast-paced, spooky, and enough cultural reference to delight both readers and parents.” — Alex Lyttle, author of From Ant to Eagle
  • Soul of a Crow and An Elegant Theory are 2016 Foreword INDIES Finalists — Foreword Reviews
  • From Ant to Eagle: "An honest portrayal of love, loss, and friendship in the face of a life-changing journey." — School Library Journal
  • From Ant to Eagle: "A moving and ultimately hopeful book."— Booklist
  • An Elegant Theory: "A suspenseful intricate novel with elusive conclusions and a captivating journey." — Books Before Bandaids
  • From Ant to Eagle: "Lyttle's voice for Cal is appealingly direct and articulate ... and his account of his struggle to cope will appeal to readers. Tender, direct, and honest." — Kirkus Reviews
  • An Elegant Theory: Top Pick for December — Indies Unlimited
  • Second Chances: "There’s plenty of what most of us like, love scenes and downright romantic and hot conversations, fun, and thrills." — The Reading Cafe
  • Amanda on the Danube: "This book is a shining example of great, well-written, age-appropriate middle-grade books!" — This Kid Reviews Books
  • Summer at the Shore Leave Cafe "...a definite must keep reading the rest of the series..." — A Soccer Mom's Book Blog
  • "Heartfelt and inspirational, 300 Things I Hope is emotional to browse and makes an excellent giftbook." — Midwest Book Review

Events & Appearances

  • Alex Lyttle: Chapters, Dalhousie, Calgary AB - June 10 - 10am-2pm
  • Alex Lyttle: ALA Annual Conference, Chicago - June 24 - 1pm
  • Alex Lyttle: RGC Author Event at The Book Cellar, Chicago, June 24 @ 6:30pm
  • Darlene Foster: Vancouver Public Library: Book Camp Workshop: Aug 14-18, Vancouver BC
  • Darlene Foster: Calgary Public Library: Shawnessy, AB: Aug 22 @ 11:30-12:30
  • Darlene Foster: Coles, Medicine Hat, August 26 @ 12pm
  • Darlene Foster: Albany Books, Delta BC, Sep 2 - 1-3pm
  • Darlene Foster: Holly Elementary School, Surrey BC: Sep 8
  • Darlene Foster: Chapters, Granville Street, Vancouver BC, Sep 9 - 12-3pm
  • Molly Ringle, Words, Writers & West Seattle, Barnes & Noble West Seattle, November 3 @ 5pm
  • Molly Ringle, PNBA Sweet n Greet: Portland OR, October 9, 8-10pm


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The Goblins of Bellwater

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